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Tarracotta » Old terracotta » Floor Terracotta

Floor tiles - brickred terracotta

Tarracotta » Old terracotta » Floor Terracotta
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Colours: Brick-red
Dimensions 30x7 cm
58 pieces per square meter
The uniform texture and color

The carefully constructed

Thickness of tiles: 14 ~ 16 mm

Safely finished - no sharp edges

Passed the endurance test

Estimated age, about 100 years

Informacje o produkcie
Brick ages very well suited as a floor surface. Rough brick floor in the natural color gives the room a very distinctive, slightly austere, classic style. The brick floor is easy to clean and extremely durable. Terracotta tiles with a brick on the floor cause great visual effects in any room. Ideally suited for kitchens, bathrooms and a balcony. It is also a great idea to finish the facade or interior finish fireplaces.

Clay tile is extracted from more than century-old bricks, which thanks to the ancient art of the product reached the highest quality. In addition, Clay tile is very durable and resistant to damage. Owes its uniqueness, non-uniform structure. Terracotta brick tiles are used in many places - from ancient castles to manor houses of the nobility, to the village huts. Today - in the twenty-first century, the storm breaks into our houses and flats. An additional advantage is that Clay tile accumulates heat, making it ideal for rooms with underfloor heating. It works well as a finish and a decorative fireplace hearths.

Clay tile perfectly with retro-style interiors, rustic or rural. Fits perfectly with the raw wood and bathroom and kitchen fixtures in retro style.
Due to its properties, the most commonly used brick tiles are often operated on the premises: corridors, hollach, kitchens, hallways or passages.

Terracotta floor with over 120 years of history make your interior take the original and unique character. The floor is the heart of every home - is it largely determines the nature of the room and its atmosphere. The floor is this element of interior decoration, which is attributed to a number of tasks: first floor should be practical and easy to use. A century old rattle floor meets all these requirements. Moreover, it is very easy to keep clean and is resistant to all cleaning fluids.

Terracotta requires impregnation.

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