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Hand-formed Gothic floor tiles

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  • Price: €73,-
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Price includes 1 m 2 (23 pieces)
Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 1.5 cm
Weight: 25 kg

Size may be slightly different because of manual production.

Terracotta Gothic is made only on request and will not be refunded for any reason. Delivery time is determined individually.
Informacje o produkcie
GOTHIC terracotta floor tiles are from the family's manufactory Rogiński Artistic Workshop. The plates are handmade from high quality mass clinker. The plates refer to the appearance of medieval floor of an old brick. Their surface is very rustic - it contains deformation.

Gothic tiles should not be compared to the terracotta tiles made of bricks from demolition. In comparison with them, Gothic tiles have much better quality, which is expressed in parameters such as full Frost resistance, hardness, low water absorption and lack of pollution that may occur in the old bricks (ie. Mold).

The traditional production technology has been adapted to the needs of today's market - the tiles are frost-resistant (test for 100 cycles), have low abrasiveness. They can be used on open terraces and sidewalks. The plates are ideal for underfloor heating. The natural terracotta flooring requires impregnation during the installation process. GOTHIC Terracotta offered by us is a perfect product to use in churches, restaurants, palace and park buildings and in many private rooms.

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